International Pub JUN

Emergency recruitment for business expansion!

European female part-time job wanted! Hourly wage over 3,500 yen,
in detail at telephone interview upper interview.

Telephone: 047-437-3146(5:00pm~)

International Pub JUN

Shop Name International Pub JUN
Salary Minimun Guarantee 2,000Yen~4,000Yen /hour
Request back, Drink back etc
We can give you ride to your home everyday salary will be given
Time 7:00pm-Last
Qualification Over 20 years old with right visa holder
No experience is welcome
Treatment Transportation (Okuri) service, There is also a dormitory and nursery
Location Arrow Nishi-huna Bldg 2F Nishi-huna 4-25-2 funabashi-shi Chiba
Nearest station Nishi-funabashi station north exit
Contact At first please contact it willingly
Telephone: 047-437-3146(5:00pm~)
Job Information We’re looking for new cast staff (arubaito) immediately.
Please come to interview.
Let’s talk about our System,Salary,and your Dream!!

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