International Snack 84

Grand Opening! Looking for opening staff!

Our place is snack, so no touching allowed.
Our place is for women who don’t want to work dirty, like touching or flirting.
Our goal are
1. To create place for women who wants to feel like they still have their dignity intact despite of working at night.
2. Stress free environment without pressure of anything.

Shop Name International Snack 84
Salary Starting Salary ¥2,000~¥3,000(Free Tax)
Daily Payment,minimum guarantee for4hours a day.
Back System Drink back 30%・Bottle back 20% / Companion back ¥2,000
Time 9:00pm-Last
Treatment Meals on Friday and Saturday.
Up to ¥1,000 per day for return transportation expenses.
Qualification No experience is welcome.
Women with working Visa between the ages 20 and 40
Regardless of nationality.
Location Esquire Kinchicho Plaza 5F,
2-6-14 Kotobashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Nearest station 5min walk from Kinchicho Station
Contact At first please contact it willingly
Tel: 03-6666-9390 (Omise) from 7:00pm
Cellphone: 080-4329-6085 (Mama) Tagalog,English OK
Job Information Grand Opening! Looking for opening staff!

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