Philippine Pub Nerima Romantiko

Cast Wanted for Re-opening

Shop Name Philippine Pub Nerima Romantiko
Salary Start hourly wage guaranteed at 2,000 yen for two months.
douhan back, request back, drink back, bottle back, karaoke back
Depending on sales, there is a 50/50 system
Daily payments are up to 5,000 yen.
There is an increase in salary due to age, appearance, etc. during the interview.
Time 8:00pm-Last
Treatment Transport service(Okuri)is provided
There is also a dormitory
Qualification Filipina, Japanese, Romania, Russia
Over 20 years old with right visa holder We look for beautiful woman
Location Comfort Ⅷ 4F 5-17-20 Toyotamakita Nerima-ku Tokyo
Contact At first please contact it willingly
Cellphone: 080-1667-1717 (Kawashima Ken) 24 hours reception
Telephone:03-6915-8586 (Omise) from 8:00pm onwards
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