International Club HOT LEGS

Recruiting casts for renewal opening on September 1, 2020

Shop Name International Club HOT LEGS
Salary Guarantee 2,500Yen/hour ,A person with sales and a young person can do more than that in a negotiated meeting.
Time 8:00pm-Last
Treatment Transport service(Okuri)is provided
Qualification Over 20 years old with right visa holder. No experience is welcome
Location Ueno Eleven Building 7F 3-41-12 Yushima Bunkyo-ku Tokyo-to
Nearest station Uenookachimati station , Uenohirokouji station , Keisei Ueeno station , Yushima station and ueno station
Contact At first please contact it willingly
TEL: 03-6284-2498 (Omise) from 7:00pm
Job Information We’re looking for new cast staff (arubaito) immediately.
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